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From consumer to industrial players, units received are serviced, handled and returned to our customers with the greatest of pride and care.

As a Pioneer Authorized Service Center, Bayview Electronics repairs Pioneer consumer and industrial LaserDisc players, laser karaoke players, and DVD players (consumer and industrial). We service numerous business, institution and government contracts and have done so since the late 1970s.

Evaluation and repair estimates are performed at no charge

The evaluation consists of not only identifying the immediate problem, but also checking for wear at key components such as the spindle motor, disc loading mechanics, slider rails and any belts. We also check that any mandatory service updates have been applied. At the conclusion of any repair an alignment of the optical mechanics and electronics is performed. Industrial players with RS-232 control must pass a dynamic track search loop program to insure trackability and communications with a host computer.

Priority Service for Commercially operated players

We strive to service commercially operated players within 24 hours of receipt. The most commonly used parts are kept in stock, and orders from Pioneer are typically made via two-day air delivery (overnight service is available at additional cost). The customer will be responsible for return shipping charges on all items sent in for estimates or repair. We ship UPS daily.

Our Service warranty

All consumer units are warranted 90 days Parts and Labor for the service performed, industrial and commercially operated karaoke players are warranted 30 days for the service performed. In the unlikely event that you should have a service issue with a unit that we have repaired within the warranty period, please contact us by email before you return the unit to us. Any and all warranty issues will receive top priority handling.

Shipping address:

Bayview Electronics
6541 Sexton DR NW Suite F    Olympia, WA 98502

The above address is for UPS ONLY.
PLEASE email before using ANY other method of shipping.

Please direct all questions regarding repairs or additional tips on proper packing of your player via our 24/7 Email to To receive an approximate repair cost, please include the model number, serial number and as detailed of a description of the problem as possible. We will do our best to reply via e-mail within 48 hours.

PayPal is our only method of credit card payment

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Tips for packaging your LD Player for shipping

A: Using the original factory shipping box:

Packaging your player in its original factory box and styrofoam offers the best protection. You can add additional bubble wrap or other packing material around the player for added protection. If you want to protect the condition of the original box, it can be wrapped tightly in brown shipping paper. Be sure to tape securely and tape the address label down with clear tape. If the player is particularly valuable or irreplaceable, double-box it for the ultimate in damage protection.

B: Packing without the original box:

Find a sturdy box that has at least 4"-5" minimum clearance around all sides. Wrap the player in a plastic bag or paper bag, sealing all open edges. This is to prevent any tiny pieces of packing "peanuts" or other debri from getting inside the player. Fill the bottom of the box with several inches of styrofoam peanuts or other suitable packing material. It's also a good idea to place a flat piece of cardboard on top of the bottom fill of peanuts. This forms a "second" bottom for added protection. If the player is particularly valuable or irreplaceable, double-box it for the ultimate in damage protection.

Next, place the player in the box and fill in as tightly as possible with peanuts or other packing material. The goal is to prevent the player from moving around the box as much as possible. It's also suggested to take some strips of cardboard and bend them around each of the 4 corners of the player. These strips can be taped to the bag to prevent them from moving. You can also add another piece of large flat cardboard on top of the packing before you close the box. Insert your return address/repair information letter inside the box. Close the box and securely tape all edges on the top and bottom. Seal the address label with clear tape.

Additional notes:

1. Enclose inside the box a letter with your full name and street address, return shipping address (if different), phone number and email address. Write down the model number and the serial number of the player along with a brief description of the problem that you are having. If the problem is intermittent, include if possible details relevant to when or how often that the problem occurs. Keep a copy of this letter for your own records. On your copy you can enter the shipping date/receipt and tracking number for future reference if needed. Failure to enclose contact info will result in a delay evaluating your item

2. Do not include any power cords, manuals or accessories unless instructed otherwise.

3. For consumer players, do not include the remote control or other cables unless it is part of the service problem. Wired remote controls should be included for industrial players.

4. Do not include any discs unless specifically required to recreate the problem.

5. If you have any other questions please contact us via email.

Upon payment of the repair or service charges, your unit will be returned to you well-packaged and with a copy of the repair order included.

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